Autoworld Brasserie by Retromobilia. Restaurant, Brasserie, Event Hall in Brussels @ Cinquantenaire

Découvrez une brasserie-restaurant de qualité en plein coeur de Bruxelles gérée par Retromobilia

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AUTOWORLD Brasserie is a unique location at the heart of Brussels, Europe’s capital city. Established on the site of the Cinquantenaire, AUTOWORLD Brasserie houses the brasserie of the AutoWorld museum. Large windows offer panoramic views of the car collection.

Our location makes AUTOWORLD Brasserie easy to get to. As a place known to virtually everyone and rich with historical significance, our central location in Brussels is well served by public transport and there is ample parking for cars.

You can lunch in our brasserie every day of the year.

AUTOWORLD Brasserie is also a central location and excellent venue for all styles of event, both public and private, in walking distance from the "European District"

Philippe Wilbers and his professional team are at your service and look forward to working with you. We are able to adapt our various formulas to your specific needs.

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